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The options below only apply to full members of Raw2k's Auction website. If you are logged in as a guest or are a member but are not logged in, clicking on the links below will take you to a page informing you that you need to be a full auction member and logged in. If you wish to join please click here.

Make Online Card Payment

You can now make online Credit and Debit Card Payments. Any oustanding vehicle payments will appear in this list. You can also use the facility to make other payments owed to Raw2k. Once the vehicle has been paid for and validated by our accounts team it will be removed from this list and you will receive your release note to be able to collect the vehicle. We use Sagepay to process your credit/debit card payments, we cannot gain access or record any of your card details using our online payment system, the Sagepay server processes your card and simply returns the result to us.

Click here to make a Payment.

Account Settings

You can control how auction listings are displayed, restrict fuel type, vehicle type, transmission and other parameters to only display what is of interest to you. You can also enter keywords that can be matched to upcoming auctions and recieve emails in advance of the aution start.

Click here to view your account settings.

Account History

Your account history shows your bidding history for the last twenty eight days, including vehicles currently on auction where you have the highest bid or have been outbid. A list of vehicles won and lost over the last twenty eight days of auctions is also shown. For our full trade members Certificate of Destruction reminders are displayed.

Click here to view your account history.

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